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Solitaire Necklaces

Designer Jewellery That Dazzles

The gift of a diamond necklace is one that she will never forget. When selecting the necklace that you want to offer to the special someone in your life, it’s important to be discerning about the precious metal on which the diamonds are set and the quality, clarity and grade of the stones themselves. Eternal Diamonds carefully hand-selects every diamond that’s set onto our necklaces to assure the most premium of options for you.

Give the Gift That’s Unforgettable

Diamonds truly are forever and are one of the strongest stones found on earth. Prior to the discovery of large diamond mines in Africa, in the mid-1800s, they were reserved as a gift that could only be offered by the ultra-affluent, due to their rarity and immense cost. Today, some of the world’s finest diamonds are exported from Canada, and undergo stringent review and grading before they are set into a diamond necklace that’s offered by Eternal Diamonds.

Carefully Selected Canadian Diamonds

Our master jewellers take the time to meticulous handpick all the stones that we use in our designer collection. When you buy a necklace from Eternal Diamonds, you are buying a masterpiece that’s handcrafted, elegant and made from the finest quality stones and precious metals to create a timelessly elegant and unforgettable gift.

Gorgeous Selection of Laboratory Certified Diamonds

Our diamonds are laboratory certified and are mined domestically in Canada. Each diamond is carefully selected based upon the four C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat. We are pleased to offer loose diamonds, which can be used to create a custom necklace, or set diamonds in a variety of options for you to choose from in our collection.

Our Customer Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our jewellery and are pleased to feature our special guarantee to all of our customers. The handcrafted diamond necklace from Eternal Diamonds is designed to last a lifetime, and is backed by our unwavering customer commitment.

  • Lifetime cleaning of your jewelry
  • Lifetime inspection of your jewelry
  • 10 year claw re-tipping included
  • Free appraisals on diamond jewelry

Assistance is Click or a Call Away

We want your shopping experience to be one that you never forget. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on what diamond necklace is the most suitable for your gift-giving occasion. Our sales support staff is ready to assist you with all of your shopping needs—so you can find the perfect gift the first time around.

Contact our live support today regarding our jewellery stores and our selection of top quality diamond necklaces via email, or call us at: (514) 393-3426.

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