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Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Make it a Moment She’ll Forever Cherish

The decision to offer a pair of designer diamond stud earrings to the love of your life denotes your commitment to passion and your refined taste for elegance. Make it one that she will never forget with the immaculate selection available to you from the impressive collection offered by Eternal Diamonds. Gorgeous Canadian diamonds are set upon the precious metal of your choice to evoke a true statement of love.

Ideal Occasions to Offer Designer Diamond Stud Earrings

There are many optimal times to consider offering designer jewellery to the person whom you love. The perfect time to surprise her with a sparkling set of new earrings is on her birthday, your wedding anniversary, the anniversary of the birth of a child, your engagement anniversary, during the holidays, on Mother’s Day, on Valentine’s Day or as a surprise token of your affection.

Your Favorite Traditional Designs

Enjoy a premium selection of brilliant traditional designs of diamond stud earrings. Carefully hand-selected loose stones are masterfully set into precious metal and then hewn to create a stunning piece that is one-of-a-kind. Offer the gift of brilliance that is highlighted by the signature sparkle of gorgeous diamonds, created with your special someone in mind.

Modish & Contemporary Options

Be bold, unique, new and modern with our fashionable selection of contemporary options that will bring a smile to her face. Make the statement that can only be offered by diamonds and their ever-lasting strength. Demonstrate your strong affection for her in the best way possible by giving her a gift that she can wear and enjoy for a lifetime.

Popular Alternative Metals to Consider

Choose from your choice of popular alternative metals, and make your gift truly stand out. We are pleased to offer the finest selection of precious metals so that you are not limited in your shopping to just yellow or white gold. Consider offering diamond stud earrings set in alternative precious metals from Eternal Diamonds.

Stylish Shapes sure to Captivate Your Partner

Enjoy the most complete selection of shapes when shopping for the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings, with our always expanding collection of brilliantly cut stones. Shop amongst the most popular shapes, styles, designs and cuts today to uncover the most ideal gift for the special person that’s in your heart and thoughts.

Laboratory Certified Canadian Diamonds

Our diamonds are laboratory certified and are mined domestically right here in Canada. Since the mid-1980s, when the large diamond mines in Canada were first discovered, these stones have set the industry standard for quality. Today, due to their resilience and one-of-a-kind brilliance, they have enabled our country to become one of the world’s most respected diamond exporters.

The Four C’s

All stones that are set in our diamond stud earrings adhere to our stringent grading process. Our buyers carefully follow the important Four C’s when choosing which stones to add to our collection. We grade them based upon color, clarity, carat and cut—assuring that only the finest ones make it into our designer collection for our customers.

Custom Design Choices Available

Sometimes the only option is the one that you create. We are more than happy to help you choose the perfect loose stones, metals and settings, so you can deliver a pair of custom diamond stud earrings that will wow her. When nothing but the best will do the job, make sure it’s a custom designer set from Eternal Diamonds.

Large Collection of Loose Diamonds

We proudly feature one of the largest collections of handpicked loose Canadian diamonds in the world. We are constantly updating our collection to add the finest quality stones to it in order to create the most options for you. Take advantage of the array of shapes, different cuts and weights available—and offer the perfect customized gift you’ve always wanted to.

Claw Re-tipping Included for 10 Years

We stand by our strong commitment to quality workmanship. We do understand that sometimes jewellery, no matter how well you care for it, may require nominal maintenance from time to time. We are proud to offer included claw re-tipping on all diamond jewellery purchases for a full decade as part of our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality.

Included Cleaning & Inspection for Life

We recommend that you have your jewellery cleaned and thoroughly inspected every 12 months to assure optimal quality, shine and luster. Simply stop by one of our jewellery stores or send us your diamond stud earrings, and we will be happy to inspect them and clean them as a complimentary service to our valued customers. It’s our way of thanking you for your patronage.

Free Appraisals

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality diamond stud earrings at the fairest price available. We also want you to enjoy the investment you made in jewellery. We are pleased to offer a free appraisal, which will enable you to procure insurance on your new pieces. We strongly urge all of our customers to insure their designer jewellery to safeguard their investment.

Live Assistance

Allow us to assist you with your shopping experience today. We are pleased to offer knowledgeable shopping assistants, who can help you decide upon the perfect set of earrings. Finding the right gift can take time. We are here to help ensure that you find the right jewellery during your visit at our store today.

Contact our live support today regarding our selection of top quality diamond stud earrings via email, or call us at: (514) 393-3426.


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