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Quality You Can Trust

As your number one source for high quality and hand-selected Canadian loose diamonds, Eternal Diamonds features an impressive and immaculate collection that consists of more than 100,000 stones. Each one has been carefully selected by hand to assure the greatest quality, based upon the Four C’s: carat, clarity, color and cut. Each one is hand chosenand laboratory certified before it makes it into our collection of designer jewellery that we proudly feature.

The Canadian Difference

Canada is world renowned for its high quality stones. In fact, the immense effort and environmentally-friendly mining standards that go into obtaining Canadian diamonds have helped our nation become of the world’s top exporters of these precious stones in recent years. It’s this same quality that’s imminent in our jewellery and in our collection of loose stones.

Customizable Rings & Jewellery

We are pleased to offer custom rings and jewellery that can enable you to deliver an inimitable give that is sentimentally priceless. Choose from a large collection of loose diamonds that feature all sorts of shapes, cuts, color and carat weight. Pair the stones with the setting and precious metals of your choice for a truly unique piece that can’t be found anywhere else.

Included Lifetime Cleaning & Inspection

We want you to enjoy your purchase for a lifetime. As a complimentary amenity to our customers, we are pleased to offer free inspections and cleanings for as long as you should own your piece. Either stop by our jewellery store or send us the jewellery for cleaning and inspection, and we will be happy to assist you in helping to maintain it .

Claw Re-tipping Included for 10 Years

Our jewellery is made to exacting standards, using handcrafted workmanship from master jewelers. From time to time, however, it is possible that the claws may need some minor adjustments. We are pleased to offer included claw re-tipping on all diamond jewellery for up to ten years following your purchase with us today .

Reshaping & Resizing

Purer gold rings can often be very pliable. While not immediately noticeable, over time some of them can slowly bend away from their original shape. We are more than happy to repair and reshape your jewellery free of charge as part of our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. We’ll also include free ring resizing with your purchase for up to five years from the purchase date to better serviceyou .

How Can We Help?

Shopping to find the perfect stone in our collection of loose diamonds can be confusing at times, especially when only the perfect stone and the ideal cut and weight will do. Our highly experienced, friendly and helpful sales associates are ready to assist you today in your search, and can help you review your options from our collection of thousands of gorgeous stones .

Contact our live support today regarding our selection of top quality loose diamonds via email, or call us at: (514) 393-3426.



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