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Anniversary Rings

Mark Your Anniversary with an Unforgettable Treasure

Anniversaries denote very special romantic events that celebrate the unity of two people and their strong bonds of love. Ensure that you welcome your special day in by commemorating it with the everlasting gift of designer diamond anniversary rings offered by Eternal Diamonds. Our pristine collection has been handpicked just for you to empower you to make the most of the life’s most special and fleeting moments.

Make It a Trademark Occasion with Custom Anniversary Bands

Wow your significant other with a customized ring that truly reflects your commitment to one another. Shop from our inventory of masterfully cut loose diamonds today, and then pair the stone of your choosing with the perfect setting. Offer a ring that will be cherished for a lifetime as a prized possession—one that’s customized to your specific tastes.

Find the perfect Diamond

For every special moment in life, there’s a perfectly cut stone just waiting to celebrate it and preserve the memory forever. At Eternal Diamonds, we offer a wide variety of different popular cuts specifically for our anniversary rings, to enable you to enjoy shopping from a complete selection of the world’s finest designer jewelry.

Unsurpassed Quality with Canadian Diamonds

A Canadian diamond is considered to be one of the most valuable diamonds that you can buy. Known for their unique color, signature cuts and pristine clarity, as well as for the carat weight of some of the larger diamonds, they are prized possessions around the world today. Since the early 80s, when our first large diamond mines were discovered, our nation has grown into one of the world’s leading exporters of diamonds—the same diamonds that are carefully selected by hand for our anniversary rings.

The Eternal Diamonds’ Customer Commitment

We stand behind our premium and designer anniversary bands and are committed to making your experience as positive as possible for many years to come, well after your purchase. We assure all of our customers with the guarantee that we will offer the following conveniences following every diamond purchase.

  • Free sizing for up to five years.
  • Lifetime cleanings.
  • Free appraisals.
  • Free re-tipping for a decade.
  • Lifetime re-shaping on all rings.

Learn More About Our Selection

We invite you to learn more about our vast selection of anniversary rings that we are proud to offer at Eternal Diamonds. Our support staff is standing by to assist you with any and all of your shopping needs. We have a substantial amount of inventory that you are welcome to see and choose from. We offer countless different precision cuts and specialty settings with customization options available.

To receive more information about our jewellery stores or shopping support regarding our selection of anniversary rings, please contact us by email, or call us at: (514) 393-3426 today!

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