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Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

When only the finest ring will do, make it an Eternal Diamond ring. For more than 20 years we have been delivering designer, laboratory-certified stones and jewellery for our valued customers worldwide. Our master jewellers carefully hand select each and every stone that we feature in our catalog to enable you to offer a ring that will be simply unforgettable.

Customization Options

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of quality set and loose diamonds as well as designer diamond engagement rings. Sometimes only a custom created ring will do. Eternal Diamonds features a wide variety of customization options that are available to you. Deliver a truly one-of-a-kind ring that was specially crafted just for your special day, and make your engagement moment breathtakingly mesmerizing.

Loose Diamonds

Determine exactly what stone you want in what specific setting with our wide selection of quality loose diamonds. Our buyers are constantly hand-picking the highest quality cuts to add to our growing collection in order to offer our customers the most versatile selection possible. Find the perfect diamond the first time around and then select your setting to create your custom diamond engagement ring.

Popular Shapes

Diamond engagement rings today feature many different types of shapes and cuts. Whether you are fond of the classic princess cut or round cut, or prefer cushion cut, emerald cut, oval cut, pear cut or others. With our selection of loose and set diamonds, you can be assured that the perfect ring is just waiting to be uncovered by your discerning eye.

Canada’s Diamonds Are Unlike Any Other

Since the mid-80s, Canada has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of high quality diamonds. Today, Canadian diamonds are imported from around the world due to their unique color, cut, clarity and weight. The conflict-free and eco-friendly mining standards in place by Canadian law assure a high quality stone like no other, one that’s responsibly mined and brought to marketplace for all to enjoy.

The Eternal Diamond Guarantee

As a customer of Eternal Diamonds, you are afforded a few added amenities as our way of thanking you for your purchase of diamond engagement rings. We understand that a purchase as significant as this never is an easy decision. That’s why we proudly feature our guarantee to help make your purchase an easier decision.

  • Have your ring sized free of charge for up to five years following the purchase.
  • We always offer free inspections and cleaning at no charge to our customers.
  • We’ll be more than happy to appraise your ring at any time; just bring it in.
  • Our jewellers will re-tip your claws for a decade following the purchase date- free of charge.
  • We offer free re-shaping of your rings for life.

Live Support for Our Customers

Eternal Diamonds is committed to helping our customers find the most suiting jewellery and diamonds as possible. Due to our ever evolving inventory, our online catalog may not list every single item that’s currently available. We invite you to contact our live support staff via phone or email to learn more about our various options, cuts and sizes. We also are pleased to offer unique and custom options, too. Contact us today with your sales related questions, and we will be glad to assist you.

For more information regarding our jewellery stores and our selection of designer diamond engagement rings, please contact us by email, or call us at: (514) 393-3426.{:}{:fr}

Bagues en diamants

C’est votre moment – Le moment où deux personnes décident de se marier est probablement le moment le plus intime et le plus important de leurs vies. Il marque le moment où deux personnes s’unissent pour la vie. Comme marque d’amour, les diamants évoquent la romance et la magie des traditions qui ont traversé les siècles.

Le premier diamant – On sait que le statut unique du diamant comme cadeau d’amour ultime lui a été conféré il y a longtemps : aussi loin qu’au 15e siècle! La tradition qui correspond à donner une bague de fiançailles en diamant comme une promesse de mariage a débuté en 1477 avec l’archiduc Maximilien d’Autriche et Mary de Bourgogne. À ce moment, les diamants étaient vus comme des talismans ou des breloques qui pouvaient rehausser l’amour d’un mari pour sa femme. Même la flèche de Cupidon était réputée comme étant recouverte de diamants, pierres dont la magie ne pouvait pas être égalée. À partir de ce moment, la tradition royale de donner une bague de fiançailles en diamants a commencé à être suivie par les gens de partout dans le monde, devenant éventuellement une étape aussi concrète dans la vie d’un individu que les fiançailles elles-mêmes.

La brillance d’un diamant –Lorsqu’on a commencé à donner des diamants comme bagues de fiançailles, les montures étaient élaborées et ne montraient pas nécessairement le diamant sous son meilleur jour. Ce n’est pas avant la découverte des mines de diamants sur le continent africain en 1870 que les diamants sont devenus accessibles à un plus large public, rehaussant la demande et influençant du même coup leur design.

Le pouvoir mystérieux d’un diamant – Le fait de porter une bague en diamants au quatrième doigt de la main gauche remonte à l’époque de l’ancienne Égypte où, comme on le croyait, se trouve la Vena Amoris (veine de l’amour) qui alimente directement le cœur.


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