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Wedding Rings Canada

Wedding Rings Canada

The Perfect Ring for Your Wedding Bells

When not just any ordinary ring will do, make it one that neither of you will ever forget with the decadent selection of designer wedding rings available in Canada from Eternal Diamonds. With a wide variety of designer options available, including customization options with the loose stones of your choosing, the perfect ring is just waiting to be discovered by you today.

Delightful Traditional Styles

Sometimes there’s no replacing a tried and true standard. We stock a delightful selection of traditional styles that feature the comfort fit of wedding rings made in Canada that have become the norm in recent years. Of course, you need not only limit yourself to traditional options—because our collection features thousands of unique choices that have been carefully crafted just for you.

Contemporary & Modern Designs

Be different with the matrimonial jewellery that you choose to wear on your big day with a variety of different contemporary and modern designs that you can choose from. From wider rings made from alternative metals for men to specially made and customized matching wedding band sets—the options are truly limitless. Find your perfect ring set today.

Your Favorite Diamond Shapes

Create your own custom masterpiece with diamond wedding rings made in Canada by shopping from our massive collection of hand-selected loose diamonds today. Pair them with the band and setting of your choice to create a ring that’s exceptional, elegant, designer, and signature to you and your special someone. Make your wedding moment one that’s uncanny with a customized ring set.

Large Collection of Loose Diamonds

We are proud to feature an impressive and large collection of hand-selected loose diamonds for our customers. Our diamond buyers are master jewellers who take the time to carefully grade each stone that we add to our collection. Our diamonds only come from domestic Canadian mines, and are mined under the highest standards for our customers.

Customized Rings: A Popular Option

There’s nothing truly like a customized wedding ring made in Canada. It’s nearly a statement that intends to evoke the notion that your nuptials are an ever-lasting affair that binds two souls together in life and in death. When a standard ring design simply won’t do, take it to a new plain with a ring that you both customize… one that’s created carefully by hand especially for your wedding day.

The Four C’s

Eternal Diamonds adheres to the standard diamond grading method that utilizes the Four C’s when selecting our diamonds by hand. The Four C’s stands for: color, cut, clarity and carat. We ensure optimal quality and color, resilient and brilliant clarity and chose loose stones of varying carat weight that we add to our collection wedding rings made in Canada after careful grading and scrutiny.

Alternative Metal Options

Stand out on your big day with a wedding band made from alternative metal. We are pleased to offer the most popular selections of alternative precious metals currently available. Enjoy shopping for the ring that will make a bold statement when it’s on your finger, and choose the metal that you desire with options that exceed just gold.

Matching Wedding Ring Sets

A matching wedding ring set complements both of your fingers and demonstrates unity and parity between the both of you. They often can contain specially set diamonds that denote that your love is strong and is ever-lasting. Enjoy selection from our premium designer collection of wedding rings made in Canada, and find the matching ring set that you’ve always dreamt of.

Laboratory Certified Canadian Diamonds

We confidently only feature diamonds that have been laboratory certified and that are domestically mined. All of our stones undergo a rigorous and stringent selection process. Only the highest quality diamonds will make the cut. We do this so that we can truly offer diamond wedding rings made in Canada that are a cut above the rest for our customers.

Our Pledge to You

We want you to enjoy your purchase for many years to come. For our wedding rings made in Canada We proudly offer free cleaning and inspections for a lifetime. In addition, we feature ring resizing for five years, claw re-tipping for 10 years and ring reshaping for life. We’ll also appraise your new ring for free following a purchase. It’s our way of saying thank you for the business.

Live Shopping Assistance

We want your shopping experience to be one that is unforgettable. Our helpful shopper’s assistants are standing by to help you with your selection today. While we strive to list our entire inventory online for our customers, we’ve got so many different options that it’s impossible to list them all at once. Feel free to call us or email us to receive assistance with your purchase and to have any important questions answered.

Contact our live support today regarding our jewellery stores and our selection of top quality wedding rings in Canada via email, or call us at: (514) 393-3426.


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