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Wedding Rings

Your Unforgettable Day Preserved

A wedding is a very special moment that should be enjoyed and fondly remembered for a lifetime. The wedding rings that you choose to exchange denote a significant commitment to one another and should be underscored by the finest design, precious metals and stones. Enjoy shopping for a ring that you’ll both never forget with the wide selection of designer jewellery available from Eternal Diamonds today .

Traditional & Conventional Designs

Enjoy a wide and decadent selection that consists of your favorite traditional and conventional designs and that features the precious metals, settings and shapes that you know and love. Opt for unique pieces or shop for matching wedding rings that complement each other – and your strong commitment and vows to one another – perfectly .

Modern & Contemporary Designs

If different is the theme of your wedding day, make it truly an exceptional and unique moment with our unique options with modern and contemporary designs. Created with your affluent tastes in mind—shop for your choice of new wave rings that are unlike any others that you have ever seen before. Make a real statement with your vow of marriage.

Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamonds are forever and signify strength and unity. They are the ideal addition to any wedding band that you plan on cherishing for the lifetime together that’s yet to come, an existence that you plan on sharing with one another. Denote the happy years that are ahead with a diamond enhanced band that features brilliant and hand-cut stones that were selected based upon their quality and brilliance.

Matching Wedding Ring Sets

Pair your souls by opting for matching sets of wedding rings. An increasingly popular option in recent times are men’s and women’s bands that are designed to match, even though they are worn on your separate ring fingers. A matching set denotes that you are one and the same, yet two separate souls, inimitably bound by love in your life’s journey forever .

Custom Design Options

Sometimes the only option is the one that you create. Our master jewellers can help you select the perfect loose stones, settings and wedding rings to create a custom ring like no other you will ever find or see anywhere else. Celebrate your nuptials with a bold choice in jewellery that is signature and customized to you and your refined tastes and lifestyle .

Large Collection of Loose Diamonds

Eternal Diamonds features a very large and astute collection of some of the finest loose diamonds in the world. Our stones are carefully mined using eco-friendly methods from Canada’s large diamond mines. They are then selected based upon their quality and hand-cut to create a stone that you will be proud to own.

Free Resizing for Five Years

We understand that ring finger sizes can change from time to time. We are proud to offer included ring resizing on all wedding rings for up to five years. Simply stop by our jewellery store or send us your ring and we will be happy to resize it to your specifications for free during the first five years that follow your purchase today .

Lifetime Reshaping

Rings made from precious metals like gold with a high purity can sometimes be slightly pliable. This can, over time, cause the ring to slightly bend out of its intended shape. We offer free lifetime reshaping on our wedding rings to provide you with peace of mind when making a purchase from our store .

Claw Re-tipping for 10 Years

The claw settings in our wedding rings are designed to be sturdy and resilient. However, sometimes claws can become bent, loose or damaged and require repair. We are pleased to offer a 10-year re-tipping warranty for all diamond rings that have claws. If your claws become damaged, we will be more than happy to re-tip them on your behalf .

Included Cleaning & Inspection for Life

Over time, your ring can become dirty from normal wear. It also should be inspected at least once every year to assure that the setting is intact and that the shape is unaltered. We are pleased to offer lifetime cleaning and inspection to assure that your investment in our wedding rings is always carefully protected and well maintained .

Live Assistance

We understand that shopping for a ring is a very important decision, and one that usually is surrounded with important questions. Our experienced sales team is here to help answer any questions so you can make the perfect decision today in confidence. Whether you want to learn more about your options or you just have some important questions, we are here to help .

Contact our live support today regarding our selection of top quality designer wedding rings via email, or call us at: (514) 393-3426.

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